Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tebow Messiah

So, everybody likes an underdog and I am no different. Though being a Raiders fan it was really hard even to consider giving any credit to Tim Tebow. However, after hearing about him non-stop for the last few weeks I have learned to respect the Denver QB. But what I decided to comment on this morning is the response of the Christian public to Mr. Tebow.

Americans are obsessed with celebrities. From sports stars to movie stars to celebrities who have no talent (These seem to abound more and more), they can’t get enough of their lives. Christians sadly are no different. They want someone who will represent them to the world. To make them cool and relevant again. I have heard it said, “If our next president was a believer…” or if only [insert actor or band here] were to become a Christian…” This is really nothing new. Think about it, the Jews were looking for the same thing in Jesus. But what we are missing is that this cult of personality is not going to solve Christianity’s woes. The problems are much deeper than what any celebrity spokesperson can cover up.

In order for the church to be relavant again, we must stop what we have been doing, and begin to act like the Church we were commanded to be. We have become so much like the world that we have caught its disease. There is only one who is worthy of praise, Jesus! In time Mr. Tebow will have a bad day and slip up or not meet the worlds view of what a Christian should be (meek and gentle all the time), and he will be put up for scorn. I hope this day never comes, but if it does. I am not shaken, my faith is in Jesus. He has never and will never fail me, or you. I think Mr. Tebow would agree wholeheartedly with that.

And though the Raiders fan in me will not let me say “GO BR%$#OS” I will say to Mr. Tebow, “God Bless ya man, and keep up the good work”

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Worlds worst blogger

Ok, I know I don't have to tell any of you. But I am the worlds worst  blogger! over a year!

Quick update, Teresa won the prize. I am sending her a shirt. We are moving to Africa in less than a month. I now have 3 kids. And I think I am ready to tackle the next topic regarding simple church. "Let the children come to me"

That is, if anyone is still out there and listening?

So, let me know....shall I continue? or did I lose you all?