Thursday, August 12, 2010

Prizes for beings

I am really wanting to encourage comments here in this blog. I know there are several of you creeping around reading stuff and I am glad, but I really want to challenge and engage one another (including me) with how we can be the church together. So, to kickstart your comments and participation I will be giving a prize to our best commenter in August. I will be judging based on quantity and quality of the comments.

Also, let me know on the poll (on the right) what you think would be a good prize.

I am finishing up the next chapter and should be posting it soon. So until then comment on any old posts. I am thinking about giving a prizes for other things too, so have fun and be church together!


Trent T. said...

Prizes? Sounds like this is leftover junk from trying to clean out his house to move!

being said...

nope, i promise it will be all new stuff!

Kama said...

a pair of socks! a pair of socks! i want some!!! :)